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We are happy to announce Nashville Law PLLC, a small new law firm, consisting of two attorneys and two support staff. About five years ago, our attorneys graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law and set up a firm in downtown Nashville. Since then, they have been practicing in business law, intellectual property, asset protection, and criminal defense.

To modernize, we closed our old law firm and created a brand new firm, Nashville Law PLLC, to reduce overhead costs, to increase business security, and to help lower prices for our clients.

Nashville Law is here to help you with the legal framework to build and protect your business and legacy in Nashville and beyond.

Specific Areas of Practice:

Business and Corporate Law:

This area has everything to do with what you want done legally for the integrity and protection of yourself, your organization, or your enterprise within the business and corporate sectors. Every written document from taking minutes at your meetings to creating contracts or dealing with lawsuits, as well as negotiations, is right under our expertise.

Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property refers to any intangible property such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Intellectual property is the most important aspect of any business because the value of your business is built into your brand. Whether you have a patentable invention or simply have your name and logo, you need to protect your intellectual property, or you risk losing your most valuable assets. Our firm protects your intellectual property by managing everything from registration to contractual protection to litigation. Your brand is your business, and we strive to protect and build that brand with you so that your business can be successful.

Asset Protection:

When you have any asset, property or financial, it is at the mercy of lawsuits, fraud, theft, unfair and excessive taxation, and personal, regulatory, and economic change.  It is crucial to see what you can do to legally secure your assets and prevent those problems so that you can have peace of mind, relax, and enjoy life.

As well, we provide estate planning and will preparation services tailored to your specific needs or desires.

Criminal Law:

We have a lot of experience in criminal law, and have represented defendants in state and federal jury trials, but take a very limited number of cases. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Nashville Law has two attorneys and two support staff.


James Wiggington

Attorney and Co-Founder of Nashville Law

A native Tennessean, Jim has always been an inspiration to youth and others who needed a leader and help, from serving as an Eagle Scout to providing pro bono work through the Innocence and Wrongful Convictions Clinic. Before law, Jim obtained degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Philosophy from Vanderbilt University, and worked in a genetics lab. His academic background and his experience in law combine to make him the go-to attorney for intellectual property needs and advanced problem solving. Click to learn more about Jim or to message him directly through LinkedIN.


John Tennyson

Attorney and Co-Founder of Nashville Law

John has worked in many places, from the farmlands of Tennessee to the archeological ruins of India, from teaching Sociology and Cultural Studies in New York to working for an immigration firm in Vancouver, Canada. He has worked on MANY different types of legal cases. When John was in law school, he excelled in contract drafting and since then he has demonstrated impressive work in this area and beyond. John spends all of his spare time with his family, two children and his wife. Click to learn more about John, see his resume, or to message him directly through LinkedIN.


Goli Tennyson

Originally from Iran, John’s wife, and the business manager at Nashville Law, I earned degrees in Sociology and Economics, a graduate degree in Sociology, and have worked on a PhD in Sociology. I have lived in several countries in three continents, and bring a unique perspective to everything I do.


Victor Clark

Victor is a professional musician and voice actor. He is also an assistant at Nashville Law. Originally from Pittsburg, Victor obtained a degree in Film and Music from Vanderbilt University.


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